2018 - 2019 Roster

Samantha Schalki

Future Beginner

Jeanna Sottosanti

Future Novice

Tara Mothersell

Future Novice

Grace Johnston

Future Novice

Angela Serpico

Future Novice

Olivia Yorgey

Future Intermediate

Kelci Fontana

Junior Varsity Novice

Charlotte Knox

Junior Varsity Novice

Sophia DeVoll

Varsity Open

Caitlin Diffendal

Varsity Intermediate

Jessica Patterson

Varsity Open

Championship Hunt Seat

*Senior Rider*

Grace Mayberry

Varsity Intermediate

Why we love IEA

"Being part of a team, and having the opportunity to ride different horses." ~ Alyssa Viegas

"I love IEA because the team is a family." ~ Jessica Confer

"I get the chance to ride other horses." ~ Tara Mothersell

"I love that IEA allows me to have to adjust to a new horse very quickly. It strengthens my eye to the fences and allows me to adjust under any circumstances rather than riding the same horse every day." ~ Jessica Patterson

"You get to ride different horses and learn a lot!" ~ Grace Johnston

"I love the fact I get to ride different horses to see what I like, and don't. I love how it's good competition! " ~ Charlotte Knox

"I get to ride a lot of different horses." ~ Jeanna Sottosanti

"The ponies I always pick. :) Everyone is judged on their skill level." ~ Sophia DeVoll

"I love the experience I get from riding different horses." ~ Olivia Yorgey

" I love that we are all on a team. I also love everyone on the team and the amount of support the team offers." ~ Kelci Fontana

"I love competing and being part of a team." ~ Caitlin Diffendal

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